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Pax et Bonum! The customary greeting, “Pax et Bonum” — Peace and All Good — is how Saint Francis of Assisi would enthusiastically greet those whom he met on his journey.

Thank you for contacting the Franciscan Vocation Ministry of Holy Name Province. We are happy to help you in any way that is needed with your discernment to religious life.

In order to best respond to God’s call, it is important that we get to know each other. We ask that you please answer each question below. This form is not an application, and you assume no obligation by completing it. The information you provide is strictly confidential and will be seen only by those working with you in your discernment process.

If you would like to contact us directly, feel free to do so at:

Br. Basil Valente, OFM, Vocation Director
Franciscan Vocation Ministry of Holy Name Province
129 West 31st Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001-3403
Phone: 1-800-677-7788 or 646-473-0265, ext. 345


Thanks again for your interest in the Franciscans. We look forward to hearing from you.

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1. Date of birth?

2. Are you a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States?
If no, what is your legal status and country of origin?

3. Do you have any physical ailments or disabilities?
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4. Have you received psychological or psychiatric care?
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5. Are you currently taking any medication?
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6. Have you ever been in serious trouble with the police?
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7. Are you Catholic?
If yes, are you confirmed?

8. Are you a convert?
If yes, when were you received into the Catholic Church?

9. Are any individuals dependent on your support (e.g., minor children, elderly parents, etc.)?

10. Do you have any outstanding debt?
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11. What is your current marital status?

If applicable, please indicate year Church annulment was granted:

12. Have you ever been treated for alcoholism, drug addiction or any other type of addiction?
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13. Please indicate highest level of education completed at this time:

14. If you are a college graduate, please indicate your major (and minor, if applicable):

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16. Are you currently employed?
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17. Are you currently a member of a parish church?
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18. Are you currently involved in any parish ministries or community-based volunteer work?
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19. Discerning a vocation is a process that is different for each individual. How long have you been thinking about religious life?

20. What best describes where you are now in your discernment process?

21. What is your vocational interest at this time?

22. How did you come to know of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province?

23. What attracts you to Franciscan life and ministry?

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