Novices Make Simple Profession

This past weekend, Franciscan Friars in the United States, Canada, and Ireland joined the Franciscan Interprovincial Novitiate in Burlington to celebrate the Simple Profession of nine novices, who have taken the next step in their Franciscan journey as Friars Minor!...
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Formation Update: Receiving the Habit

By Br. Abraham Joseph, OFM The novices at the Franciscan Interprovincial Novitiate of the United States OFM provinces received their habits during the rite of investiture ceremony celebrated last month. In the reflection below, Holy Name Province’s student friar Br. Abraham...
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The Freedom of Letting Go

By Br. Casey Cole, OFM For one year, I will be without social communication such as Facebook, texting, this blog or anything that uses the internet. I will surrender the use of my bank account and credit card, and will live on a modest stipend of $50 a month giving any money I...
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In Two Weeks

By Casey Cole In two weeks, the postulants of Holy Name Province will leave our home in Wilmington, Del. Packing up everything we own, we will say goodbye to the house we called home, the rooms we called “sacred space,” and the men we called brothers. In two weeks, we will move...
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