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Father Roy Gasnick, ‘Superhero,’ Dies

Father Roy Gasnick, a Franciscan priest bred in North Jersey, was a superhero to the Order and Holy Name Province. While heading the communications office of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province, he plunged into a venture that was as wildly successful as it was improbable:...
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Franciscan Influences: Unspoken Wisdom

By Linda DiPietro This essay is part of a series in which lay people describe the impact that the friars have had on them. Below, a former staff member of the Catholic Center at the University of Georgia describes the lessons she learned from the friars’ actions and how their...
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My Wonderful Franciscan Journey

Francis discerned his call from God over a period of time; it did not happen overnight. Each person hears his or her calling in a different way, under different circumstances. As seen in Fr. Jud’s vocation story below, meeting individual friars and a personal invitation made all...
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How Volunteer Ministry Helped Me Discern My Vocation

Until two years ago, I had never considered religious life; it was too hard, too pious, and I hadn’t met anyone in religious life to whom I could relate. I knew I was called to ministry but, like much of my generation, I had limited knowledge of consecrated life, and the idea of...
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Visiting the University of Georgia

The Franciscans of Holy Name Province have been doing campus ministry for the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga., for many years.  Each year I look forward to my visits to this beautiful–and very busy–campus of over 30,000 students. The friars are located directly...
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